Social Responsibility

We believe, that as a company, we have a social responsibility. We wish to set a good example in meeting this responsibility. To us, this means both donating money to charitable projects and also doing more: helping to ensure the integration and inclusion of people who are in need of assistance, both in our region and beyond, helping to bring about positive, long-term effects.

Social projects close to our heart

We currently support three particular projects. Being able to contribute to these projects is something we as a company and our employees find very rewarding. On the right-hand side you can find detailed information regarding each project as well as a link to each project’s website.

The support network “Bunter Kreis Münsterland”

We are a sponsor of the support network "Bunter Kreis Münsterland e.V.", an association which helps families of chronically and seriously ill children, prematurely born children and children of high-risk births. The association offers affected families help on all levels, thanks to their wide range of support services such as after-care and advisory services, even maintaining a special burial plot for new-borns who have died pre-term or after birth.

As a sponsor, we seek to assist the support network "Bunter Kreis Münsterland e.V." in its valuable and exceptional work.

The website

The sheltered workshop “Benediktushof Maria Veen”

The sheltered workshop "Benediktushof Maria Veen" employs and supports around 170 people with a disability. The workshop assists people with a wide range of disabilities, supporting them in their independence and helping them to take part in education, vocation and society.

For many years, this sheltered workshop has assisted us with preliminary work and services for our production line – a great partnership, which we also benefit from!

The website

The “pay cheque donations” project – “Deutschland rundet auf”

The charity project "Deutschland rundet auf" (Germany rounds up) has set itself the target of reducing child poverty in Germany, in a lasting way. By asking people to “round up” any payments they make, the charity collects millions of "tiny" donations and supports charitable projects which are particularly effective at improving the prospects of children affected by poverty in Germany.

Our employees donate a fixed amount of money (0.50 euros or more) from their pay cheque each month. As a company, we add to this sum by donating a fixed annual amount, which helps to ensure that the full amount of our employees’ pay cheque donations goes directly to the charitable projects and doesn’t need to be used for the charity’s administrative work.
We support the charity project "Deutschland rundet auf" because we think it’s vital that every child has the chance of experiencing a carefree childhood and of receiving a good education.

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